About DAS

Daughters of Au Set began as a blog dedicated to examining social issues that concern and/or have a particular affect on young, women of African descent. The bloggers did not want to exclude women, or men for that matter, of any race/ethnicity/nationality, but realized that they would be denying two aspects of themselves if they ignored their experiences of blackness and womanhood.

The entries on this blog which pertain to feminism are the result of writings from African-American, feminist authors, such as bell hooks, Alice Walker, and Angela Davis. The writers use the ideas/philosophy of these women mingled with their own ideas and experiences to analyze issues such as the degradation of females in hip-hop, materialism in the black community, and internalized racism among others with a touch of humor and sarcasm thrown in.

The writers also interject topics outside the sphere of feminism as remaining on one topic may cause blindness to other pertinent issues in the world today.

Daughters of Au Set aims to uplift all young women, but especially young, black women through open and critical dialogue. Hence, the name "Daughters of Au Set (African Goddess known as Isis)." We have come to believe that we are nothing more than soul-less, naked, writhing bodies in hip-hop videos who are supposed to adhere to a European standard of beauty. We have allowed ourselves to forget that we were created by a divine presence (Goddess, God, Allah, The Creator(ress), Jah, Earth Mother, the Universe, or whichever name you prefer). We have allowed ourselve to forget that our minds are powerful tools. We have allowed ourselve to forget that we have a purpose...and we will not figure out that purpose while tuning in to another episode of Basketball Wives or 106 & Park.

The writers welcomes everyone on this path of stimulating dialogue.