Saturday, June 29, 2013

An open letter to an eleven year old bisexual

"I've never denied any aspect of myself, why should you?” -My late mentor Dr. Cheryl Hardison- Dayton

This quote came back to me a little after my mentor passed away and I’m reminded in past positions that I've held, and in any organization that I've been a part of not to deny any aspect of myself. Given the landmark decisions (Repeal of DOMA and Proposition 8) and the landmark setbacks (The Voting Rights Act) that occurred this week, along with a little fatigue given that I've been running myself ragged with numerous tasks and trying to get the Black Women’s Education Initiative Program that I started off the ground completely, there are sometimes I forget just how much of an impact we as individual’s can have on one another, or sometimes the inspiration we can provide to another human being without trying.