Sunday, September 25, 2011

They say the revolution will not be televised

In response to what was going on with Troy Davis, the day he was was executed I wrote this piece. Something revolutionary within me was reignited because of the public outcry (Of which fell upon deaf ears) for justice.

For Troy Davis

Georgia was my home
For moments and hot summers long gone
With willow trees swayin to the soundtrack of wind
Georgia was my home, ya'll
And yours too brother, yours too
That is
Before she castrated your manhood
In her prison system
And paved her country roads with your tears
Georgia was my home
And supposedly you shot someone there
Some cop
Somebody's daddy, somebody's son, someone's husband
Supposedly you shot him
Off duty
He was a cop
Supposedly you shot him
But everybody who saw
Must've been blind
Like our justice system
Must've been blind like our president
Who could intervene
Because it's election time
And someone might notice his

Even our people are blind
Today some are suckin on chicken bones while others are sippin on lattes
Talking about what a shame this is
But they aint doing nothing
But talking
And they keep sayin by tomorrow night you'll be dead
And people like Mr. processed haired
Al Sharpton
And the man who should've been president Jesse Jackson
Are talking about praying outside the prison tomorrow
To a God who may or may not hear the cries
Of an extremely oppressed
And mentally enslaved people,
And I'm just tellin them to go on ahead and do that
Because I want no part in it, I don't pray
And with all of them would it make a difference anyway?
You think maybe God would intervene because I did
You think I can make a difference
On my knees?
Cause I don't think so,
So I'm writin this out
More like a mantra for God
From me..

Dear God,
Please spare this modern day lynching
And touch the heart
Of every redneck, klan member, swastika carryin son of a .....
Who'll be in Your house of worship come Sunday
When this man is laid out in someone's morgue
And if You for whatever reasons chose to ignore me
If You for whatever reasons find it fit to not intervene
I'm just letting You know I'm about to start the revolution
Cause I'm tired of waiting on you to intervene
And I'm takin no prisoners in this
Cause this is about to be more epic than your people comin up out of EGYPT!
Sincerely signed,
A real pissed off colored woman
Who refuses to turn the other cheek
And I repeat
I will start the R to the E to the V to the lution
Which by my standards should've started about fifty years ago..
But I'm waitin on You, cause tomorrow will determine
What's about to go down
And this is for you Troy Davis
And for my people
And for me...
This is for you..

© 2011


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