Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hello, World

Well, I’ve begun this journey (Blogging) with my dear sistah of soul or “soul sistah,” Sofoni with an open mind and a bit of excitement pertaining to the upcoming articles/posts, some of which have already been written. Sofoni brought this idea to me about a month a half ago and I’ve been thrilled about it ever since. Now that the site is officially up, I am ecstatic!

My intellectual journey rose and reached an amazing peak during my junior year at my prior undergraduate University. I was taking a class entitled “Women in U.S. history” even though I was a Psychology major. Psychology was boring me to tears with all of its schools and trains of thought that were established prior to me, which I could not question, so I wanted to minor in Africana Women's Studies. I wanted to question these different schools psychological thought because only one dealt with minority women. My second major, Philosophy, had me questioning everything that I was learning in about psychology, but was it was dominated by males.

I found solace in the Women in U.S. History class as well as in the office of my outside academic advisor and mentor, the late Dr. Cheryl Hardison-Dayton. She opened up an entirely new world to me in that class and just by being herself. Every notion that I had challenged about gender and societal norms, she gave me the knowledge and the books to educate myself. The world of Dr. Patricia Hill Collins and the world of Dr. Angela Davis were introduced to me. My thirst for knowledge became unquenchable. I lived in my advisor’s office, and I devoured every book she suggested. I took the knowledge she gave to me and the knowledge from prior classes, such as Africana Philosophy and Africana Psychology, and I ran with it. I realized that the standards set forth for black woman were not created by us. A new standard had to be set.

Thus, in writing on this blog we are expressing thoughts. I am expressing myself proudly from the perspective of a black woman whose love for the study of my womanhood and my gender has spanned from my personal life into my scholastic life (I am now attempting to obtain a Master's degree in Women and Gender Studies) and now into this blog. Some of my writings will be in honor of my mother, my aunts, and all the other women who surrounded me in childhood whose guidance was and is priceless. My writings are also in honor of Dr. Hardison-Dayton and for every professor that made me question, and think and encouraged me to rise above and beyond my own expectations and myself

May this journey be a fruitful one,

Danielle C. Allen a.k.a "Midnightrose"


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